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Phenix City gets new college football classic game


Phenix City announced on Friday, July 18, that Tuskeegee University will hit the grid iron against Albany State University at Garrett-Harrison Stadium.

City councilors say the game is expected to bring in thousands of fans and thousands of dollars.

Tuskeegee University Director of Athletics Curtis Campbell explains, "When communities reach out to you, and you're really close—you're less than an hour away—if there's a way you can help them while it also helps you, then you do that."

Campbell tells us that's the thought process behind working with Phenix City to bring the Tuskeegee University Golden Tigers in to play in the very first White Water Classic football game. It's a partnership that Parks and Recreations Director Todd Hughes says has been years in the making.

"Several years ago, the STAGG Bowl was here," Hughes adds. "And that's kind of been the focus for this community to get something back that could help spur some economic development."

At $20 per ticket, the city is hoping to pack the stadium, and rake in the revenue making the Sept. 13 a win from a financial standpoint.

"If we put 8,000 people in that at $20 a ticket, that's $160,000 in ticket sales alone, plus concessions and t-shirts and other things that will go along with that," explains Phenix City Finance Director Steve Smith.

Mayor Eddie Lowe says he hopes this is a pass that will go long for all involved.

"With Tuskeegee coming on board, we always talk about partnerships," Lowe said. "So, we're hoping this will be a partnership, and be a relationship that can carry on."

As of now, Phenix City owns the name of the game and has the ability to switch out what teams play each year. Tuskeegee and Phenix City officials say they hope the contract will annually include both for years to come. 

Click here to view the White Water Classic fact sheet. 

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