Lee County raises the bar in school safety

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - School Resource Officers with the Lee County Sheriff's Department are traveling the state this summer to share with other school systems their SRO school safety philosophy.

"We believe in it. As a Sheriff's office, working with or young people and doing what we can to ensure two things, one, their safety and two, their success," Sheriff Jay Jones of the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

Corporal Pamela Revels and her team have taken the basic SRO safety model and made it their own.

It has proven so successful that other school systems, including Jefferson County, the largest school system in Alabama, has requested their help to adopt parts of this methods.

"I put some best practices together and that's where I came up with a new philosophy which we are using in our schools to train our teachers in a specific was to handle a situation," explains Revels.

We caught up withRevels as she was attending the National Association of School Resource Officers conference in California.

There she taught a basic course to officers from all over the United States.

She also was able to hear the mother of a child killed in the Sandy Hook tragedy speak who validated her philosophy of teaching children to consider different options besides the default when face with a deadly situation.

"That is part of the philosophy that we train in Lee County and I train on across the state and people are trying to adopt."

Revels and her team institute and number of programs throughout year, including the Junior Deputy Academy, RAD Kids and Too Good for Drugs.

Over the last year they have conducted the Active Shooter Course for every Lee County official and as well as many other school districts in the state.

"We want to make sure they have a safe school environment that our kids can come, learn, feel safe and then go home," says Revels  "That's what we want to happen."

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