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Muscogee School District falls short in state comparison


The College Career Ready Performance Index or CCRPI starts measuring students in kindergarten and follows them to their senior year of high school, determining how well-equipped they are to succeed in higher education and finding a good job.

According to the study, Muscogee County high school students are trailing the state average by more than a percentage point.  Middle school students are doing slightly worse, at about five and a half points below the Georgia average, and elementary students are about fifteen points behind.

"We've got a lot of room for improvement and we know that.  We see that, and obviously we'd like to be at the top of our peer group, and really, we'd like to be at the top of the state, and that's what we're working towards," says Patrick Knopf, director of Research, Accountability, Assessment.

Muscogee County Schools Superintendent David Lewis cautions that these are relatively old numbers and he expects his strategies to improve future figures, "Keep in mind, those are lag indicators from the standpoint that they're comparing 12-13 data to 11-12 data, so that's really old data.  Looking at the STEM areas- the science, technology, engineering and math, and the most recent EOCT, we saw really positive, strong gains, particularly in physical science.  So we're going to try and build on that success moving forward."

Knopf says that testing across the state is about to get harder, and he expects scores to drop in every district, "Instead of being able to pick a right answer, they'll actually have to produce a right answer and construct a response.  We'll also see a lot of emphasis on writing in the assessments as we see writing measurements across all grade levels." 

When compared to similar sized districts across the state, high school students in Muscogee County fall right in the middle.

There are some good points for the district in this research. Columbus High School scored exceptionally well on the CCRPI and the district's actual graduation rate is still higher than the state average.

The following new administrators were approved unanimously by the board at Monday night's meeting:

- Lisa Norris: Assistant Principal at Carver High School

- Susan Hampel: Assistant Principal at Hardaway High School

- Leslie Hemmings: Assistant Principal at Shaw High School

- Rosa Patterson: Assistant Principal at Spencer High School

- Katie Lopez: Assistant Principal at Brewer Elementary School

- Barbara Weaver: Shared Assistant Principal at Forrest Road/Wesley Heights Schools

- Aetavia Williams: Assistant Principal at North Columbus Elementary

- Terri Myers: School Improvement Grant Administrator at Spencer High

- Amy Wohler: School Improvement Grant Administrator at Jordan High

- Felicia Thompson: School Improvement Grant Administrator at Fox Elementary

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