CSU Professor speaks on crisis in the Middle East

CSU professor speaks on crisis in Middle East

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A hospital in Gaza is shelled killing at least five people inside today, July 21. The two week battle between Israel and Hamas has claimed more than 500 lives.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Cairo today to meet with Egyptian and other officials about efforts to broker a cease-fire.

Meanwhile, News Leader 9 talked to a local expert on international relations to put this middle east crisis into perspective...and how this impacts us.

Columbus State University political science professor, Tom Dolan, has been to Israel, where he's met with Hamas and Hezbollah prisoners - saying these men are convinced that Israelis and Jewish people do not belong there.

Dolan told News Leader 9 many Americans go to Israel to serve in the military as joint citizens...but even with the death of two of those, he doesn't see American military forces getting involved. The question now...can the U.S. help with negotiations to end the fighting?

"The fact that we side with Israel, therefore Hamas would not trust us, so successful negotiations I don't think have as much promise as unfortunately a military solution does.....When Hamas puts its launch points in populated areas and schools and hospitals and mosques, civilians are going to be killed because Hamas tries to hide behind them," says Dolan.

Dr. Dolan says the fighting may only stop when Israel feels the threat from Hamas to its people is gone.

He told news leader 9, the only way the U.S. may get involved is providing patriot missile defense systems and training.

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