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Your Voice, Your Vote: Georgia Primary Runoff Election

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Georgia voters are hittingthe polls Tuesday to cast their vote in the primary runoff election.

News Leader 9's Jenyne Donaldson takes a lookat the candidates and has more on what you can expect.

If you're heading to thepolls today, there are a few key races that will be on the ballot for both Democratsand Republicans.

Republicans willdecide between Jack Kingston and David Perdue for U.S. Senate seat.

For thecongressional seat, voters in Districts 1, 10, and 11 will have a chance todecide on their next candidate.

District 1
Buddy Carter
Robert Johnson

District 10
Jody Hice
Mike Collins

District 11
Bob Barr
Barry Loudermilk

Running forstate school superintendent are GOP candidates Michael Buck and Richard Woods aregoing head-to-head.

On the Democraticballot there are only two races to vote on. Amy Tavio and Brian Reese arerunning for congress in District 1.

Also running for state school superintendentare Democratic candidates Valerie Wilson and Alisha Morgan.

In Muscogee County, voterswill decide who will win the race for the school board in District 2 between incumbentJohn Wells and John Thomas.

In Harris County, thevotes will decide who takes the Board of Education seat for District 2 betweenincumbent Timothy Edgar and Morgan Marlowe.

Also in District 2, HarrisCounty voters will decide on their next county commissioner. This seat won'tbecome official until the November election but the Republican runoff victorwill be running unopposed in that election.

To find your polling placego online to the state's My Voter Page at log in. You can also find that information on the MVP app.

Polling places in both Muscogeeand Harris counties are open until 7 p.m.

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