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Newsome murder trial Day 2: Blood stains on the shorts

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The State points to DNA evidence found on the defendant's clothes in Day 2 of the Curtis Newsome murder trial.

Newsome is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend, 26-year-old Caneya Candy Webb, in Phenix City in 2013.

Forensic expert Christian Maturi specializes in DNA analysis with the Biology unit of the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences. She examined the boxers and shorts that the 29-year-old defendant wore when arrested on Friday, June 28, 2013.

Maturi says both garments contained blood stains. On the test results on the shorts showed positive blood stains with a 50/50 mixture from the victim and the defendant's blood.

During cross examination, the defense raised questions about the test results. Maturi said that the blood sample could also be consistent with one out of four African Americans. 

The victim's mother also took the witness stand for a short time to identify her daughter.

Earlier Tuesday morning, thestate also called Isaiah Gordon, childhood friend of both the victim anddefendant, to the witness stand.  Gordon testified that Newsome called himaround 2:30 a.m. on Friday morning June 28, 2013. 

 "He called me from Candy's cell phone and saidhe was coming across the bridge," Jones explained.  

Jones indicated that meantNewsome was headed to his Hunter Haven apartment off Floyd Road in eastColumbus.  Driving in Candy's mother red Ford Explorer, minutes later,Newsome drove up as Gordon and another one of his "homeboys" were standingoutside the apartment complex.  Gordon also stated that Newsome wanted tobuy a pistol from him and said he'd be willing to pay anything and pulled outmoney.

Ten minutes later, Gordon said Newsome leftwhen the other guy asked him to take him home.   Gordon didn't hearfrom Newsome again until about three hours later when the defendant called himagain using Candy's cell phone.  

"Her Facebook picture showed upwhen the call came in just like it did the first time," recalled Gordon.

Gordon further stated the reasonhe picture appears is because his contacts are synced with Facebook and that'show he knew it was Candy's phone,  and that Newsome did not have aphone.  Gordon said it was also strange or unusual that Newsome wasdriving around in Candy's car because wouldn't let him take the car due toa lack of gas.  

When asked where Candy was,Gordon said Newsome replied, "I left her at home."

The second call from Newsomecame at 6:15 a.m. on Friday morning, the same day Candy's body was found insideher bathtub at her Edmond Estates apartment.  Newsome had left town andwas driving on I-185 northbound at the time of the phone call. 

"I need you to come get me; I'mgetting pulled over," recalled Gordon. 

A deputy pulled Newsome overnear the weigh station and the Hogansville exit for driving too slow.  Thejury watched dash cam video of the traffic stop. Newsome was arrested fordriving with a suspended license and for impeding traffic. He was taken to theTroup County Jail. 

By then, the family had gottenword of his arrest.  And within hours, Willie Wilbur discovered hisdaughter's body face down in the bathtub of her Edmond Estates apartment on 6Place South in Phenix City. The family alerted Phenix City police thatNewsome was in custody. 

Phenix City officers verifiedthe arrest and asked Troup County authorities to hold Newsome.

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