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Alabama students miss mark in math skills

Alabama 8th graders are ranked 50th in math skills. (Source: MGN Online) Alabama 8th graders are ranked 50th in math skills. (Source: MGN Online)

The figures are in - and Alabama students are not making the grade when it comes to math. Alabama eighth-graders are ranked 50th in math skills.

One out of every five eighth graders are considered proficient in math, an improvement over past surveys.

Rhonda Mann is an advocate for Alabama children. She said the two studies out about the progress in our classrooms doesn't put the state in a good light.

"Aside from overall rank I think how we're doing in math is one of the indicators that really jumped out at everybody," said Mann.

The National Assessment of Education Progress is a federal organization that collects education data. It ranked Alabama eighth graders 50th in math. It is very similar to the grade in the annual Kids Count Data Book. Despite the results, students are actually improving.

"We have maintained our forward motion," Mann said.

Alabama education leaders say the state has already made corrections to its education program and should start seeing even more improvements in the upcoming years.

"We're aware that students are not achieving where they need to be achieving, and when we looked at that we found, the Alabama standards were not challenging the students to compete at the level any other states were having their students compete at," said Mann.

It is unclear how Huntsville students are faring under the results of this study, nor how accurate the ranking is.

"There isn't a district score that's available," Mann said. "And one of the reasons is because of the way it's implemented. They use a random sampling of schools in the state to score and come up with those rankings, so districts don't receive any of that data."

According to the data, Alabama 4th graders ranked 47th in math and 30 percent of them were math proficient.

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