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EXCLUSIVE: Owner speaks after 11ft, 50lb python escapes from home


Melanie Chafin, the snake's owner, told News Leader 9 more about the snake:
"I wanted to set the story straight. It was my snake that was found. He did escape when we went on vacation. He did not escape while being fed by my sons. Right before we left the boys had watered the snake. Zeus has a double lock on his cage and my guess is that when they set the lock, the door was not pushed all the way to. I have owned snakes for over 30 years and this is the first breakout that we have had. I am very sorry that it happened and precautions have been taken to make sure that it doesn't happen again. Zeus is a captive bred and raised Burmese. My children and grandchildren handle him. He is very docile. But like any pet, he comes with warnings. Yes snakes can bite, so can dogs. This snake is very loved and is a member of our family. Just like any pet. At this time he is sick from being in the elements. I am very thankful to Jarrod for returning him. Had something have happened to him, it would have devastated our family. We are very responsible snake owners and this was truly a freak occurrence. Like I said we are taking precautions so that it will never happen again."
Original story:
A local family is still in shock after an uninvited guest slithered toward their north Columbus home.

The family spoke exclusively with News Leader 9 to gain answers about a huge python they found trying to get through the back gate of their home on Raleigh Court.
"It was a loud hissing noise like, {makes noise}, it was super loud."

It was a sound unlike anything Caitlyn Burgess says she has ever heard before. She and her husband were letting their dog out in the backyard of their home when they noticed the python heading for their door step.

"It was coming through the fence and we see it's all white belly...and then we walk over and take a peek at it and notice that it is a giant snake," says Burgess.

Cellphone video of the capture sent to us by Jarrod's Affordable Wildlife Eviction in Columbus showed the owner, Jarrod Yasenchok, jumping over a chain-linked fence that separates the Burgess home from a wooded area. 
He said it's unlike anything he's ever seen before. 

"It looked like a sea serpent. It was just standing up looking and I said 'Oh my God."

Yasenchok put  the 11-foot, 50 lb python in a trash can and sealed it with rope. 

Neighbors wondered if it's legal to have a snake that size in Columbus. They say it's an issue that can't be thrown away.

"It'll just get bigger. She has it in her house. It was scary," Burgess said.

Yasenchok said the snake belonged to a woman that lived about two blocks away. The woman told him she was on vacation and the snake must have gotten out when he as being fed by her sons. The snake was reported to have been out of his cage for at least two weeks.

According to city officials, it is not against the law to own pythons in Columbus. Georgia law only prohibits venomous snakes. 

Although pythons are not venomous, they can still be very dangerous. 

Burgess said she planned to snake-proof her home.

"Hopefully that snake will never get out again," Burgess added.

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