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Columbus City Council approves new crime prevention methods


In the past, Columbus Crime Prevention Director, Seth Brown, has brought requests to council one at a time when he wanted to fund a community group focused on turning youth away from bad behavior. 

On July 22, for the first time ever, Brown attempted to get all 11 projects approved at the same time to correspond with the city's fiscal year beginning in July.  The council apparently had a deep familiarity with each group's cause because there was little or no discussion before each approval. 

Board members from the various groups were in attendance at the meeting, but their presence turned out to be unnecessary.  Nine of the groups are prior recipients of crime prevention funds, while two are new additions.  Big Brothers and Big Sisters and Right From The Start are both organizations that are focused on mentoring children to keep them away from drugs, early pregnancy, and delinquency. Brown is excited about adding these two groups to the roster.

"Working with the middle school programs is going to be significant.  One of the things we've tried to direct our focus on is middle schools because we know that's an issue with our children.  We're trying to hit more middle school and less high school, because with high school, we feel like we've lost a lot when it gets there," said Brown.

Other programs receiving funds include Adult Drug Court, the Chattahoochee Valley Jail Ministry, Georgia Appleseed, and the Junior Marshal's Program.  Each program uses different methods, but what they all have in common is their goal to shape the minds of youth and stabilize the lives of adults to the point where they are less likely to find themselves in an environment where they are potentially going to commit a crime, stopping the problem before it starts.

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