Newsome: "I just snapped, I choked her and I didn't stop"

Newsome murder trial Day 3: Items suggest struggle between couple

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - A videotaped confession that shows Curtis Newsome admitting to killing his girlfriend was revealed to the jury in court today.

"I just snapped, I choked her and I didn't stop," Newsome told Phenix City detectives in the tape. He later continued, "I slapped her. I grabbed her and choked her while I pinned her up against the wall. When we fell to the bed, her body was locking up. Blood started coming out of her mouth and nose. I started choking her again. When she stopped moving, I got the trash bag and put it over her head. She started squirming and I grabbed her neck again."

Investigators from the Phenix City Police Department say they processed the murder scene at the victim, 26-year-old Caneya "Candy" Webb's Edmond Estate's apartment on July 1, 2013.

The officers told the court the items found in the apartment suggest that there was a struggle between the young mother of three and her boyfriend, 29-year-old Newsome.

Those items include a broken picture frame, left on the living room floor, suspected blood stains on a white trash bag in the couple's bedroom and another possible blood stain on the wall in the bedroom.

Newsome is accused of strangling the woman death a year ago. Her body was found hogtied inside her bathtub. He has pleaded not guilty.

If convicted, he could face life without parole. The state is expected to wrap up its case today.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles will have more details coming up on the News at 5.

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