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SPECIAL REPORT: Couponing is Cool

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These days, the typical coupon clipper is a lot younger than you may think.

Believe it or not, it's millennials who are going coupon crazy, whether it's in person or looking up deals online.

Cassie Gan, manager of the restaurant Hibachi Grill Supreme Buffet in Columbus, said millennial definitely use them.

"Since I work here as the manager for three years, I see a lot of younger people using coupons more often than older people," she said.

Briana Brooks is a prime example.

When her family went through some tough economic times, she decided to grab her scissors and start clipping coupons.

She said, "By the time we got to the store, it was just like, 'Go get this. go get this.' Head up to the register, hand them the coupons, bill goes down by at least 50 percent. I was like, 'This is actually kind of cool!'"

Brooks is not the only millennial who thinks couponing is cool.

One study found 96 percent of millennial's, those born between 1980 and 2000, said they use coupons.

Experts say the fact that millennial's have grown up in uncertain times has made them thriftier than other generations.

They said retailers are coming up with creative ways to reach millennials, and give them the coupons they crave, from money saving apps to social media sites that reward followers with special deals to coupons which can be pulled up on a mobile phone, or printed out in store.

They are also drawn to deals that have some form of gratification, like games.

One survey found they're clipping coupons more than baby boomers or gen x-ers.

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