Perdue wins close race with help from Columbus Republicans

(WXTX) - The race for senate in Georgia is important for republicans across the country because the difference between a democrat majority and a republican majority is only six seats.

Representative Jack Kingston conceded defeat to former Dollar General CEO David Perdue in a close election for the republican nominated candidate to take over for Saxby Chambliss, who is retiring this year.  Perdue will go up against Michelle Nunn in November for the final decision.

"Right now, I want to help the party get through November.  I still have my day job, which runs through January, so I'm going to continue to serve the people of Georgia," said Kingston after learning the news.

Former school board chairwoman Mary Sue Polleys has been campaigning for Perdue since the beginning.  She says the votes from Muscogee County made a big difference in the overall numbers, putting him ahead 51% to 49.

"I was thrilled, because we were down in the polls, and no one really knew how it was going to turn out. We worked very hard on the phones, but we had no idea," says Polleys.

She said the weeks leading up to the July 22 runoff were a tense time.  The numbers were not always in Perdue's favor.

"Perdue has been down in the polls since that May 20 primary.  There haven't been a lot of polls, but we were down at first, and then we made a rebound, but we were never quite ahead," Polleys continues.

Polleys says Perdue's platform focuses mainly on finances, with a primary goal to increase jobs and decrease the national debt.

Perdue has never held a political office before and a large part of his campaign finances came from his own personal funds.

Polleys says her opinion of Perdue increased after meeting him in person, "I think that everyone will find that if they haven't had a chance to meet him yet, when they do meet him and hear him talk on something other than a 30 second commercial, they'll be highly impressed."

Both candidates in November's election have names we recognize and it's not a coincidence. Perdue is a cousin of former Georgia governor, Sonny Perdue and Michelle Nunn is the daughter of former Georgia senator, Sam Nunn.

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