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VIDEO: Shoplifters leave Wal-Mart with carts full of TVs


Phenix City police need the public's help identifying the men in the Wal-Mart surveillance video released to the media July 30.  They are accused of rolling shopping carts filled with televisions out the front door without paying for them.

A woman shopping at Wal-Mart said she couldn't believe her eyes when she watched two young men blatantly stealing the expensive electronics.

She said, through casual observation, it was obvious to her that these men were shoplifting. 

According to the customer, the sensor alarms at the front of the Phenix City store went off as the men passed through them, but they were never questioned. 

The woman wrote in The Neighborhood Watchers group on Facebook that she notified the nearest employee. 

She said that person walked outside to look for a moment, but then immediately returned to work. 

After that, she said she alerted a salesperson in the electronic center, but he did not seem overly concerned either.  She said his response was, "I didn't sell any TVs." 

By the end, she said she told three separate employees in the store, but no one bothered to call police. 

The crime occurred on July 22, and it wasn't until July 24 that anyone contacted authorities to report the theft.

When we asked Wal-Mart about this incident, they sent the following statement:

"We take theft from our stores very seriously and we are committed to taking approaches to prevent it.  We are working closely with police and assisting with their investigation.  We appreciate the customer bringing this to our attention."

On July 23, Columbus Police responded to a very similar crime. 

Two men walked out of the Wal-Mart on Gateway Road with five televisions worth a total of more than $1,500.

According to the report, the employees of that store noticed right away that a theft was taking place, and they called 911.  Store security confronted the men in the parking lot as they were loading up their car with the stolen items, but they were unable to stop the suspects from driving away. 

Police said they were in a white Mazda two-door vehicle with a sunroof and a March 19, 2014 paper tag.

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