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CR 12: Senior Bowler

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For Marilyn Marshall, the sport of bowling is all pretty new.

"I've only been bowling about four years," she said.  "It's good exercise. We bowl three times a week and dance twice a week." 

While we didn't get to check out her moves on the dance floor, we could she has found her groove at the bowling alley.

"Lady luck has to be on your side. it's a game where you really have to concentrate and listen to your teacher."

Her coach is her husband. He got her hooked on the game about four years ago and he must know his stuff.

Marilyn did so well in her age group of 70-74 year olds that she won the entire state of Alabama. That qualified her to bowl in a national tournament in Reno, NV.

"It was such a huge place," Marshall said. "It was like little country girl had come to town."

She didn't compete alone. She has names for her two bowling balls.

"This is Betsy the colorful ball, I just had her shined. I talk to her all the way down the lane. This is sweet pea, my straight ball."

So off they went to the West Coast. It started with 32 bowlers and after two days of competition, Marshall advanced to the final six.

"I think my husband was more nervous than I was."  

Then she won the whole tournament.

"I was the last one called out, since I won. He shook my hand, I grabbed the trophy and yelled Roll Tide." 

Sure she took down the top lady bowlers in the country, but I figured I'd show her what I could do. We started off close, but her accuracy took over.

By the time it was over, she had a 161 to 116 win, proving once again that Marilyn Marshall is the champ. 

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