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Unemployment rate increases in Columbus Metro Area


The Columbus metro area has seen an increase in job growth but that has not stopped the unemployment rate from jumping by half a percent. 

The unemployment rate has increased from 8.0 percent to 8.5 percent over since May 2013.

The same trend continues state-wide with Georgia seeing a rate hike of two-tenths of a percent.

"We saw the states unemployment rate go up to 7.4 percent; however, most of the reason for the unemployment rate going up has to do with seasonal factors," Georgia Labor Department Commissioner Mark butler says.   

When school is dismissed for the summer some contract workers are laid off. Many apply for unemployment for the three-month break.

Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson says we are seeing the same layoffs locally, as well as adding new job seekers to the workforce. 

"We would like higher job creation rates so we can take advantage of these new resources, these new individuals joining the market; that's our challenge now," Mayor Tomlinson explains.

The GDOL reports The Columbus Metro Area gained more than 600 since June 2013,  but lost 100 of those jobs since May, mostly in transportation services.
Mayor Tomlinson says city officials are working to gain those jobs back... plus some. 

"We have about 22 projects that we're actively working in our community. Four of those are close to coming to fruition. Those four alone involve over $100 million in new capital investments meaning building of facilities of some sort. Recently we have seen Blue Cross Blue Shield adding hundreds of jobs on top of the 1,300 they already have here in our market. We also see some others that might be coming to fruition here pretty quickly, so we're very excited about that," Mayor Tomlinson exclaims.

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