Report: AL crime rates decreases four percent in 2013

Report: AL crime rates decreases four percent in 2013

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - The numbers are in and according to the annual report, released by the Alabama Criminal Justice Center, overall crime in the state has decreased four percent in 2013.

Since 1977, the ACJIC's Uniform Crime Reporting program analyzes crime statistics reported by 350 Alabama law enforcement agencies and distributes a publication, "Crime in Alabama."

"The report is mandated by the law that created the Alabama Criminal Justice Center. It mirrors the FBI's national report they produce every year called Crime in the United States," explains Carol Roberts, Public Information Specialist.

In addition to the four percent decrease in overall crime, the report indicated a five percent decrease in the number of property crimes and a three percent decrease in the number of violent crimes.

"This is set up so we're comparing apples to apples so a rape in Alabama would be called a rape in West Virginia or in Florida versus being an aggravated assault. This way everyone defines crimes statistics the same way so all the comparisons are the same across the board," says Roberts.

"I feel safe in auburn," explains resident, Chelsea Reynolds.

In Auburn, Chief Paul Register told us burglaries decreased 18 percent in 2013 and Part I crimes, the most serious offenses, decreased across the board leaving residents to breathe a sigh of relief.

"I've lived in Auburn seven years now. I feel very safe, very comfortable, walking around during the day and nighttime," says Jacob Watkins.

The report also showed that statewide, 24 percent of crimes were cleared by an arrest or other means, the highest rate in the last five years.

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