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Guest: Physician offers advice for parents sending kids back to school


MostChattahoochee Valley students will be back to school in early August, andgetting them ready involves more than buying school supplies and clothes.

Theirhealth is just as important.       

Dr.Clark Gillett, an Associate Director of the Family Medicine Residency Programat Columbus Regional Health, visited the WTVM News Leader 9 studio with advicefor parents who are getting their children ready to learn.

"I thinkchecking with your child'sphysician—family physicianor pediatrician—is inorder, especially children who have some sort of chronic condition like diabetesor asthma," saysGillette. "Be surethat the diseases are treated up to the way they should be, and that everybody's on the same page—the parents, the school, the child—to know what to do for routine care.If there's anurgency or emergency, what needs to be done under those circumstances?"

Gillette says the school systems arepretty good at tracking required immunizations at school entry.

"Thereare a couple of immunizations that are due at the ‘tween age years—10, 11, 12. It's a good idea to check with yourdoctor about that," Hesays.

Establishing a routine is key,Gillette adds. "Wherethe child studies, when the child studies, regular meal time, regular bed time.Set down the circumstances so that you don't have to fight the same battle every night. We know that six o'clock is study time, and eight o'clock is bed time."

Gillette also recommends limitingscreen time during the school year.

"TheAmerican Academy of Pediatricians recommends limiting screen time to one to twohours a day," hesays. "Therest of the child needs to be doing his homework or out playing and beingactive.    

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