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Stone Brewing declines to move to South Carolina


The brewing company whose flirtations with the Palmetto State prompted changes to the state's beer laws has decided against locating a brewery in South Carolina.

A spokeswoman for Stone Brewing Company says no potential South Carolina locations made the list of possible new locations for the West Coast brewing company.

The company did not say why South Carolina did not make the cut.

The brewery says it wants to build a new facility along the East Coast that will include much more than brewing thousands of barrels of beer each year.

"You had about 300 sites being put in proposal wise for Stone on the East Coast," said Small Business Attorney Brook Bristow. "South Carolina only had about ten of those."

The law, known as the Stone law, loosened tight laws on the state's brewing industry which had been the norm for decades letting brewpubs brew more beer, letting big production breweries sell food and beer on the premises.

The push to pass the bill was put on a fast track through the state house and supported by groups statewide, Brewing at the Beach in Myrtle Beach, Push Digital in Columbia and by Brook Bristow in Greenville.

Beer enthusiasts lobbied state legislators to ease brewing laws in hopes of drawing Stone to the state.

"They put us in the top 20, like I said, there's still a long way to go," said Andrew Johnson with Craft and Draft.

Brewing companies have already begun to sprout up in the state after a previous change in the law let local breweries serve full pints in their business.

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