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Security measures to be installed at Smiths Station High School railroad intersection


The Lee County Commission speeding up the process to install crossing arms and other security measures at the railroad crossing at the intersection of Smiths Station High School after a teacher was hit by a train in her SUV on Monday.  

Commissioner Robert Ham tells us that they have been working to install safety arms at the crossing since 2011, and it has taken a long time making sure all the necessary pieces fall into place.  

We have learned those safety arms should be installed in the next month or so at a cost of $250,000. Ham tells us the commission and school board both have agreed to fund the project.

He says the county commission has been collaborating with the railroad department, Lee Co. Board of Education, and state highway department, and everyone involved is on the same page to ensure that the project is completed.

Commissioners say it's a coincidence the arms will be added so close to Martin's accident, although they wish they would have been in place on Monday, saying they would have kept her off the tracks.

"The county, state, railroad department, and board of education are all working towards the same goal," Ham says. "Unfortunately for Ms. Martin it just didn't happen quick enough."

Investigators also say Martin didn't do anything wrong in Monday's accident; she just didn't see the train coming... and with no safety measures at the crossing, there was nothing to warn her.

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