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CT congresswoman proposes tax on sugary drinks


A Connecticut lawmaker is proposing to tax beverages with sugar in it, and is calling it the "SWEET Act."

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro is proposing the bill that would increase the cost of any sugary drink, not just soda.

Plus, the more sugar or high fructose corn syrup in a drink, the more it could potentially cost.

"Consumers should be able to do what they want. They know how to read the labels, they know how much sugar is in it, if they make poor decisions and buy it, that's their choice," said Lee Anne Creevy of Rocky Hill.

The SWEET Act, also known as the Sugar Sweetened Beverages Tax, would tackle the problems of obesity and diabetes, DeLauro said, by discouraging people from buying sugary drinks.

"We are at a crucial tipping point and the SWEET Act will help correct the path we are currently on," DeLauro said.

Rocky Hill resident David Sanborn said he cut soda completely out of his diet because he wanted to cut his health risks.

"It would prevent me from buying soda period, which is good for me," Sanborn said.

The proposal is to tax one cent for every teaspoon of sugar. In a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola there are a little more than nine teaspoons of sugar. That is almost $0.10 more for that can.

A 12-pack of Coca-Cola would cost an extra $1.20.

"People should pay attention to exercising and eating healthy, and if someone wants to have a can of Coca-Cola with 145 calories in it, they should be able to do that," Creevy added.

The money raised by this act would be used to fund health related prevention and treatment programs and research.

Similar proposals include Berkeley and San Francisco in California.

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