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State GOP chairman accuses Al Sharpton of lying to voters

Bill Armistead. Source: WBRC video Bill Armistead. Source: WBRC video
Al Sharpton. Source: WBRC video Al Sharpton. Source: WBRC video

Al Sharpton says one goal of the new Freedom Summer National Headquarters in Birmingham is to fight what he calls voter suppression in Alabama caused by unnecessary new laws.

"To change ID requirements when there have been no large amounts of fraud established by anybody," said Sharpton. "To hallucinate that immigrants are coming across the border voting when they can't show that anywhere."

"I think Reverend Sharpton should be ashamed of himself for coming to Alabama and saying we have voter suppression," Alabama GOP Chairman Bill Armistead.

Armistead says there is no voter suppression in the state and he says Sharpton is telling lies.

"We want all people to go out and vote. But to accuse Republicans of suppressing voters, that's what we're against," said Armistead.

"He is wrong and he knows he's wrong. He's using that as a tactic to get the racial divide in Alabama and conflict. Work people up to make them get out and vote," he added.

"God bless him, bless his heart," said Sharpton. " I wouldn't even dignify or entertain that."

That's Sharpton's reaction to Armistead's accusations. Sharpton calls it a personal attack on him.

"You have to try to attack the messenger because you can't deal with the validity of the message, " Sharpton said.

"I would like for him to join hands with us in Alabama and promote getting out the vote without being racial," said Armistead.

Armistead says the real issue in Alabama is voter fraud and he welcomes Sharpton to help with that problem.

However, Sharpton says he hasn't seen proof of any voter fraud. Sharpton says he's also concentrating his voting rights efforts in nine other key states.

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