East Alabama ministry helps feed the homeless of Columbus

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Billy Edwards is a former painter and is now homeless, living in the woods off 2nd Avenue in Columbus.

He is dependent on an oxygen tank.

"Everybody stereotypes a homeless person being a worthless drunk of drug addict. We're not all drug addicts or drunks. There are a lot of us out here that are out here because of situations that have happened," says Edwards.

Edwards is one of hundreds of homeless people in Columbus who receives help weekly from one Valley family and dozens of volunteers from the Divine Intervention Ministry.

"We let them know there are people who still care, just bringing them hope, bringing joy, bringing happiness," explains Carlos Robinson of the Divine Intervention Ministry.

Since October, Robinson, his wife Ashley, and other community members drive to Columbus each Thursday and hand out over 150 meals, hygiene products and clothes to those in need.

They're encouragement, love and support has even helped people get off the streets and into facilities.

"Once you earn their friendship and trust, they're just like you and me. They're sweet and they all have their own story. Everybody needs help once in awhile," says Ashley Robinson.

The group relies on donations and money out of their own pockets to fund their effort and with winter fast approaching they hope to gain support in the area, and shine a light on the need that is in our own backyard.

"I go out there and tell about God and just reassure them that even though they are out there struggling, that someone is struggling with them," says Robinson.

To join the Robinson's effort to help the homeless or donate to the cause, contact them on Facebook by searching the name AshleyandCarlos Robinson.

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