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Fans say goodbye to historic Capital City Stadium at final Blowfish game


Ian McCormick sat right under the press both as the field crew readied the turf for play on what was a dreary night at historic Capital City Stadium.

McCormick had been coming to Capital City Stadium since 2007 for the love of the game. With a camera and scorebook to his right, the Sumter native was more than prepared to take in all the action as the Columbia Blowfish hosted their final game at the 87-year-old landmark.

"It's just the open nature of the park," McCormick said when asked what brought him to Capital City Stadium so regularly. "You can walk around easily. You can walk around, sit anywhere, and get a good view of the game."

Not too far away from him sat Terri Watkins who brought her grandchildren to the park to be a part of the momentous occasion. The Lexington native hadn't been to as many games as McCormick, but she made the drive to Columbia so she didn't miss the last game at the park.

"I had to come," Watkins said. "and it was pouring down rain where I live. I'm like 'We're going.' My mother was like 'It's raining.' I said, 'I've got an umbrella. I've got to go to this one. I can't miss the last one.'"

Capital City Stadium has provided a lot of different memories for fans young, old, near, and far. From hosting concerts and wrestling matches years back to hosting Team USA this season, Capital City Stadium has given fans a lot of cherished moments they'll never forget.

"My favorite memory was probably the Blowfish win over Team Japan back in 2007," McCormick said. "Japan had some highly rated players come in, but the Blowfish were able to get the big win."

Just a few days ago, Blowfish owner Bill Shanahan announced that the Blowfish will be playing their home games in a new stadium in Lexington County starting next season. The night proved to be bittersweet for him, but he is certainly looking forward to making new memories at what was once Wildcat Hollow in Lexington.

"Being in the game for the last 30 years in professional sports ownership and management," Shanahan said, "I've had the opportunity to be involved in the designing and the construction of numerous ball parks and stadiums over the years. In each one, we try to find the best out of the ball park and say, 'Hey, let's bring that to our new ball park.' When you come out to the new Lexington County Baseball Stadium, I think you'll feel a little bit of Capital City Stadium."

"It's part of me. It's part of these hundreds of thousands of fans that have come over the years. They're going to want to have a feeling of, hey, this is still home. It's a new home, but there are parts of this home that I remember and I feel good about."

While new memories will soon be made at the new ball park in Lexington, Capital City Stadium was able to give the fans one last memory to remember as the Blowfish picked up a 4-2 win over the High Point-Thomasville HiToms.

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