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4:55 Update:  We've started to see a little more sun peer through the stratocumulus clouds over the last hour or so, which is exactly on time.  Readings will get into the middle and upper-70s for a few hours, then settle back to near 70°F by sunset.  The rain is over for now; the only thing coming tonight will be a little patchy fog in a few areas.


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You'll need the umbrellas for only a few more hours today.  A storm system bringing rain showers to Connecticut will continue to push to the northeast, dragging its remaining showers with it.  Our models say that partly sunny skies will develop this afternoon, swiftly and decisively ending the cloud cover.  I am not inclined to think there will be as "neat and tidy" an end to the clouds.  We will likely have more of an "intermittent sun" at times through the afternoon.  Still, with enough of the sun's energy getting through the clouds, we could have highs in the middle and upper-70s.  If the clouds remain thicker than we're forecasting, we'll likely see a day similar to Saturday with readings lightly cooler: lower and middle 70s.


Shorts and umbrellas are both good things to have lined up for wear on Monday.  Partly sunny, humid and warm weather will come with highs in the mid-80s.  By mid-afternoon, a weak front will arrive from the northwest, which will trigger scattered showers and thunderstorms.  Given the level of heat and humidity and the presence of the front, I suspect that a few of the thunderstorms may turn strong. 


Tuesday will be rain-free, sunny and warm.  High pressure will ensure the good weather.  Another cold front will bring thunderstorms Wednesday afternoon after a partly sunny and warm start.  After the front moves through, Thursday and Friday will be pleasantly dry, sunny and warm with highs in the low-80s.


Tropical Storm Bertha will be something we also need to watch closely.  Now, with 50 MPH winds, this storm is expected to slowly intensify as it enters the Caribbean, moving west, then turning north and then northeast.  It will come within a few hundred miles of the East Coast.  As of now, it is projected to stay out to sea; however, if the forecasted wind pattern aloft chances, so too could our avoidance of Bertha.


Have a great weekend!

Mike Cameron

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