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Residents of violent Columbus neighborhoods respond to latest crime report


Mayor Tomlinson released the FBI's crime report for Columbus on Thursday, Aug. 7, saying that violent crimes are up less than one percent as of this July.

News Leader 9's Tyrone McCoy went out to neighborhombuods that have been hit by many of these violent crimes, and the folks there say the numbers may be higher.

"I really don't understand what world she lives in, but literally, everyday we hear another shooting, robbery, break-in," one east Columbus resident explains. For safety reasons, he chose not to show his face on camera.

Six shootings in seven days, two of them fatal, seem to confirm the crime in Columbus. The second quarter crime report, released by Mayor Tomlinson says "We saw improvements in homicide and larceny. However, rape is up by 36 percent and robbery by 11 percent."

Folks near the most recent shooting disagree.

Carnell Earvin explains, "there was a shooting last night on Gleason. Today there was another shooting. I'm watching cars, police units going up and down the roads with their blue lights on. There's definitely a crime problem here."

So far this year, Muscogee County Coroner Buddy Bryan reports 15 homicides. That's four more than listed on the crime report, serving as a deadly reminder of what one neighbor calls the city's violent renaming.

He adds, "There's a Facebook nickname now that's been going on called, you know, Kill-umbus, unfortunately."

Major Gil Slouchick with the Columbus Police Department says they are taking each of the crimes seriously, and working diligently to solve each of them. And residents say that this week alone drives home at least one thing for them.

"There's definitely a crime problem in the city of Columbus," Earvin says.

Again, the Mayor's numbers were compiled only for the second quarter of the year, which ended in July, and does not include the shootings over the past week. Mayor Tomlinson says the data is compiled by the FBI four times a year, and the crimes reported must fit a certain criteria set by the bureau.

Click here to see the full crime report.

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