Talbot County school renovations

Talbot County school renovations

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Talbot county students are also enjoying a $10 million renovation to schools in the district.

Last September major renovations began with new restrooms, electrical and plumbing. They also have a completely upgraded cafeteria and a brand new gym is nearing completion.

Financing for the project was secured through bonds and grants so taxes were not raised to pay for the improvements.

"This is our revival time. I think that the kids are ready, the parents are ready, the staff is ready, the administration is ready, willing to push and to excel and not just to be average. Mediocrity is a thing of the past. We're looking to really change and excel and really thrive, not just survive," says Jake Golden IV principal of central elementary, middle & high school.

Principal Golden goes on to say the community is in high spirits concerning the renovations and the kids are excited for their school. Golden also says test scores are up.

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