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Custer Rd. Bridge on Ft. Benning expected to open soon


Officials tell News Leader9 that construction on a highly used bridge is coming along well, shaving abouttwo to three months off of the allotted construction time.

In February, an accidentinvolving an18-wheeler dealt a huge blow to the lower side of the Custer RoadBridge near the I-185 gate on Fort Benning. 

Several months of reconstructionhas kept traffic off of the bridge, causing headaches for families on post.

News leader nine spokewith officials at Fort Benning to find out when drivers can expect to be ableto use the bridge again.

"The contractors involved had towork very closely together to pull this off, and really, six and a half monthsis a short period," says Rick Clapp, Chief of Engineering Division and Directorof Public Works at Fort Benning. "I know it's long if you're having to livewith the daily effects of this outage, but this is a project that could havetaken a year or more in some cases. And as I say, we've at least saved a coupleof months, and we've avoided two outages as well."

The bridge was originallyconstructed in 1974, and met highway standard requirements at that time. Now,with repairs, the bridge has been raised a foot to become compliant withcurrent standards, and hopefully preventing such accidents in the future.

Clapp says they expect the bridgeto reopen by Aug. 31.  

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