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Hundreds of CSU students move in at Uptown

Tuesday, Aug. 12, was movein day for students residing at Columbus State University's RiverParks Campusin Uptown.

College students beganfilling into their new homes around 9 a.m. School officials say there are about450 beds at the RiverParks Campus, and they are filled to capacity.

We spoke with students andparents about the struggles of moving in. 

"The challenge is mostlygetting everything into the dorm, and actually making sure you have everything,"a student told News Leader 9.

One student gave hisfamily matching CSU T-shirts to wear on move in day. "He brought ‘em home forus… I was real excited he had matching shirts and things for us," his dad said.

Another father said, "It'sbittersweet, because obviously, you know, she's going off to higher education,and then at the same time, I hate to see her go."

More students will bemoving into CSU's Main Campus residence housing on Thursday, Aug. 14. Wheneveryone is all moved in, there with be a total of 1,228 students in campushousing. 

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