WTVM 8/8/14 Editorial: No excuse for White House’s silence on Army General’s death

WTVM 8/8/14 Editorial: No excuse for White House’s silence on Army General’s death

(WTVM) - Almost as soon as the news broke that an Army General was ambushed and killed in Afghanistan by an Afghan soldier in training, many Americans watched to see what President Obama would say about the tragedy.

Major General Harold Greene was the highest ranking general to be killed in uniform since the Vietnam era.

With so many veterans and active duty soldiers here in our community looking for support and answers, the President's silence was deafening.

Finally, after three days, the President addressed Greene's death in an appearance at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, saying that Greene "was a dedicated soldier."

But before the President belatedly acknowledged the obvious, the White House Press Secretary was pushed by reporters to answer for the immediate silence on the killing.

The best Press Secretary Josh Earnest could come up with was to excuse the lack of acknowledgement of Greene's death, by saying the White House did not want to elevate the General's killing above that of other service members.

He added that usually the President just addressed mass killings in war zones.

It could also be that the murder of General Greene doesn't fit the popular narrative that terrorism is under control around the world.

Whatever the rationale for the failure to condemn the General's killing, it is simply unsavory.

The sacrifices of all our soldiers must be kept at the forefront as a reality check that terrorism does exist and fighting it will always be a noble battle whether by privates or by generals.

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