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Valley man speaks about mother's murder


Valley Police say one oftheir most violent murder cases has ended with two killers pleading guilty toCapital Murder.

It's been nearly fouryears since Kathlene Landino was stabbed and bludgeoned at her valley home. 

On Tuesday, Aug. 2, herkillers confessed to the crime, avoiding the death penalty.

The victim's son spoke toNews Leader 9 about finding his mother's body, and learning his estranged wife,along with her boyfriend, were responsible.

My mom, she was a nicelady," recalled Landino's son Todd King. "She had a big heart, and would helpout anybody. It's a tragic loss how her life ended with greed."

In November of 2010, Kingdiscovered his mother's lifeless body at the home they shared in Valley, Ala. 

"I remember every detail.I came home from work, smelled gas and saw my mom laying on the floor, checkedher pulse and she was gone," he said.  

Valley Police Captain MikeReynolds said, "From what I have been told, it was one of the worst murderscenes we have seen in a while."

King's now ex-wife LesileKing, and her then boyfriend John Limes, pled guilty to murdering KathleneLandino during a robbery.

"Ms. King was able to getMs. Landino to the door, where she started stabbing her with a knife," describedReynolds. "Then, she tried to cut her throat while she was on the ground. Whilethis was going on, Mr. Limes was searching the house, he found a shotgun underone of the beds, and he took that and bludgeoned her to death."

The Judge sentenced bothkillers to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

"It was a big relief, andthey deserve it for what they have done," said King.

Leslie King did not offeran apology to her now ex-husband for killing his mother. Neither did Limes.

King also kept quietduring the sentencing, saying his mother's killers were not worth his words.

"To me, they are scum ofthe earth, and that's not worth my time…My time, or my breath to talk to ‘emabout it," he said.   

The plea deal means bothmurderers avoided the death penalty, a sentence the District Attorney's Officewould have asked for had they been found guilty at trial. Instead, they willserve life behind bars without the possibility of parole. 

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