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Breath Test Information

BREATH TESTING: By simply testing one's breath, a multitude of health problems can be diagnosed. For centuries, doctors have noticed that disorders with the kidneys and liver have added a unique smell to the breath. Today, these tests are being expanded upon to help find asthma, diabetes and tuberculosis. Breath tests are also easier to administer than other tests. Compared to blood tests, a breath test is less expensive, yields results in a mere fraction of the time and can be repeated as much as necessary. Much like a finger print, each individual carries with them their own unique breath signature. When the breath is exhaled, tiny droplets of proteins, antibodies and DNA are sent out that contain an array of health information.


* Hydrogen Breath Test – This test is mainly used to detect lactose intolerance and bacterial overgrowth. It's performed in the doctor's office where the patient is asked to ingest milk, soda, or sugar water. When the patient exhales into the Breathalyzer, the doctor's will analyze how much hydrogen is carried in the breath.

* Urea Breath Test – This test is simpler to perform compared to the hydrogen breath test. This test detects Helicobacter Pylori, which is a bacteria found in the stomach, which can lead to the development of ulcers. The test around 30 minutes to complete and typically yields results in about two to three days.

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