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Doraville police speak out about controversial training video


The Doraville Police Department Facebook page shows a training video where officers use an armored personnel carrier.

The drill simulates rescuing an injured police officer. Most people don't have a problem with the video.

"Looks like it's just protocol," said Barry Woodruff.

However, concern has been raised by some people because someone recently took that video and added heavy metal music and "The Punisher" logo to it.

Some people don't like how it was linked to the police department's official website giving it a sinister military look.

With national attention on riots and police actions in Ferguson, Missouri the edited video changes some people's perceptions of the training scenario.

"They don't need to be militarizing our police forces," said a resident who didn't want to give his name. "That is inappropriate. They are there to protect and serve. They've done it for 50 to a hundred years without becoming armed military."

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Doraville police chief John King said the edited video was not authorized. He said it was done by someone outside the department and should never have been linked to the department page.

"Obviously not something we want to portray as our values and how we focus on protecting our community," King said.

The chief defends the military vehicle saying it has been a valuable tool for public safety.

"We've used it on at least three occasions on barricaded gunmen," King said.

His department continues their investigation to find out how that video was linked to the department's official website.

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