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West Charlotte residents upset after vegetable garden is destroyed


For four years Franklin Emmanuel labored over the vegetable garden on his property, and the Greater Enderly Park Neighborhood Association would give away the parsley, natural herbs, potatoes, bell peppers, squash, cucumbers, cantaloupes, watermelons, mustard greens, kale, and turnips that grew.

"We feed the community" Emmanuel said. "We have a coat drive in November and we have a bag of love and we give food out to the community."

Now, the garden off Parkway Avenue is gone.

"I couldn't believe it" Emmanuel said. "Why would someone cut a vegetable garden. It's not like you couldn't see the vegetables. There were vegetables everywhere."

Emmanuel said sometime Monday the garden, that had stakes and plastic around it to protect it, was obliterated. He believes someone intentionally destroyed the garden.

"I'm upset because I can't do anything for the community like I used to - give out vegetables."

Now, some residents are wondering who did it, and why.

"I was shocked. I was shocked" said Janie Truesdale, who used to help out in the garden.

She said the loss is significant.

"You know to help people who need food and vegetables. A lot of people on our side of town don't have vegetables."

Truesdale said there was no mistaking the presence of the garden. She agrees someone meant to destroy to it.

Emmanuel said Duke Energy owns the land that abuts his property.

There's no fence separating the properties.

Emmanuel was wondering if the person who mows the grass for Duke Energy disregarded the property line - that's marked by a pole.

But how did the colorful vegetable garden get mowed?

"It wasn't looking like a jungle. It was a garden that was plentiful" Emmanuel said. "And it had a rake in it cause I was cleaning out the garden with the rake. And they got off the tractor and moved all that stuff."

A spokesperson for Duke Energy told WBTV that someone would go out and look at the site Friday morning. Once they did, they said it was in fact one of their workers that mowed the garden. 

The spokesperson said that a portion of the garden is in the company's right-of-way, and that they need that area to remain clear.

She said that the other portion of the garden was mowed by mistake. She said that the company is working with Emmanuel to figure out how to replant the garden for next year, and said that they would be helping with funding. 

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