Third grader starts no bully zone campaign after seeing bullies in action

Third grades starts No Bully Zone campaign after seeing bullies in action

RUSSELL COUNTY, AL (WTVM) - A bus ride to and from Oliver Elementary School in Russell County turned into a life changing experience for 8-year-old Alanah Dent when she says she witnessed a student being teased on the bus.

"They were saying how he smelled, how he looked and how he dressed for school," explains Alanah.

Saddened, Alanah says she tried to tell the bus driver, but couldn't get her attention. But when she arrived home, the story caught her mother's full attention and together, they decided to do something about it.

"To let people know that how they look or how they smell-- they have their own personality. It's not about how they look or how they smell, it's about what's in the inside," she adds.

The ladies designed a 'No Bully Zone' t-shirt in hopes of teaching other students just that and to discourage bullying at schools throughout Russell County. With the recent bullying of an autistic student in Columbus, Alanah's mother says it makes campaigns like this a necessity.

"It's so many kids that are taking their own lives because of their peers that are teasing them about their shoes if they're not brand name," said Alanah's mother, LaKiesha Dent. "And a lot of kids, it's not that they don't have. It's just that a lot of parents really can't do any better than what they're doing."

At $15 a shirt, the proceeds will go towards purchasing school supplies, personal hygiene products and other essentials for students who need them while at the same time spreading Alanah's anti-bullying message throughout schools in Russell County and Phenix City.

"I pray that this will be a journey that me and my daughter can take hand-in-hand," Dent adds. "And I'm asking every citizen here in Russell County on a county official level, city official level, to please join in with us on the No Bullying Zone project."

Alanah set a goal of selling 100 T-shirt to get her foundation off the ground. So far she's already sold 70.

For more information about the No Bully Zone foundation, e-mail: or call (334) 723-5305.

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