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Six Tuskegee students return from Liberia

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Six Tuskegee University students are home after being stranded in Liberia for weeks because of the Ebola outbreak.

The school issued a statement Tuesday night, Aug. 19, saying the students arrived at the Atlanta airport. They are all healthy with no quarantine restrictions. 

For now, they're excused from classes. 

"From what I can tell, everybody's doing extremelywell, just happy to be back at home," says Roger Gray, a fellow student at TuskegeeUniversity. "Happy to not have to deal with these travel situations. Happy tobe in the position where you have the freedom to move as you see so fit again." 

The school says the students will be monitored for three weeks to make sure they're not showing signs of illness.

The six students went to Africa as part of a summer program to study abroad.

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