Race relations in Columbus among blacks and police officers

Race relations in Columbus among blacks and police officers

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Race relations continue on a national scale as the unrest in Missouri rages on.

Tuesday, we focused on how black men should conduct with police officers.

News Leader 9's Roslyn Giles is digging deeper into if they feel race is a problem in this community.

"Threw him to the ground, wrestle him to the ground and everything...and they said, why did you run, he said, white boys with guns that's why I ran,"

Developmental Psychologist Dr. J. A. Hud said that scene recently unfolded between two white officers in an unmarked car and a black man outside his office on Francis Street in Midtown.

"You got some drugs or something... I don't do drugs... he is an alcoholic, but my point is that's how people feel," explained Hud.

Hud, president of Project Rebound, Inc., also stated he feels race is problem in Columbus.

"The whole notion is when you have eyes on the situation, you have a different situation. If nobody is watching, he's going to drag him."

We also spoke with several police officers about race relations and although they weren't questioned about the situation, Dr. Hud spoke of; they say race is not a factor when patrolling.

"We practice police techniques and approach everyone from the standpoint of officer contacting any citizen that we come in contact with not having their concern regarding their race explained Captain Freddie Blackmon, Administrative Services at CPD.

Blackmon also added they treat everyone from the standpoint of what they expect them to do as it relates to them abiding by the law.

Columbus police officers say they are also very engaged with community policing. The DARE program is geared toward teaching kids to say no to drugs and alcohol.

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