Tuskegee University students studying abroad in Liberia return home safely

Tuskegee University students studying abroad in Liberia return home safely

AUBURN, AL (WTVM) - Friends of the six Tuskegee University students, who were stranded in Liberia for weeks due to the Ebola outbreak, are ecstatic the group is back on U.S. soil.

The university issued a statement Tuesday night saying the group had arrived safely at the Atlanta airport after leaving Liberia Sunday.

"It's like a homecoming. Even though that's not until October for us, but it's like homecoming for them because they get to come back to mother Tuskegee and be happy about being out of that situation and we are all happy to see them get out of the situation," explains university student, Robert Gray.

The six students were participating in a study abroad program since June 29 and were originally scheduled to fly home July 10.

However, due to the deadly Ebola outbreak British Airways canceled their flights.

Thanks to an online petition to the airline and US Embassy, in addition to the dedication of Tuskegee University officials, the group was able to book flights for and return home August 17.

"The university emailed, kept in contact with us about how they were doing, what they were doing and the steps they were taking to get them back here," says university student, Raven McClellan.

The students have been excused from classes.

They are all healthy with no quarantine restrictions, however, when they arrive back on campus they will be monitored daily for three weeks.

"As a nursing student I do, some other students might not understand, but that is vital not only for them, but for us as well," explains university student, Destinee Clayton.

Overall, the group's spirits appear to be high.

"From what I can tell everybody is doing extremely well, just happy to be back at home, happy to not have to deal with these travel situations, happy to be in the position where you have the freedom to move as you see fit again," says Gray.

Nearly 13 hundred people have died from Ebola in Africa since Decembers.

As the students are monitored, they have been asked to notify officials immediately if they develop any symptoms of the disease.

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