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More car break-ins at Britt David Park


It happened again. Someone broke into cars sitting in the parking lot at Britt David Park in Columbus; striking while the owners were not far away. 

The early rising thief smashed the windows of cars and stole more than $500 worth of items from inside.

"I teared up, I started crying.  I said, 'Oh my god, they got my wallet, they got my money.' I work pretty hard for it.  I don't appreciate someone taking something if it doesn't belong to them.  If they wanted a couple of dollars, I would have given them a couple of dollars."

It's the second time in about five weeks that someone has targeted multiple cars at Britt David Park. 

Tiffany Savage is a regular visitor to the baseball fields. "I come here almost every day. My son plays baseball here.  My car has never been broken into," says Savage.

Savage says from now on, she's going to be watching her car out of the corner of her eye.

Christine Golden and her friend drove separately to the park, but they were together for a walk around the outside path.

"We get here at 7:30 in the morning, there's usually a car or two here already," says Golden.

She says she is usually better about taking her purse with her, but this time, she left it on the floor of the car.

"We were on our way back and my friend says to me, 'What's wrong with your car window?' I look and it's shattered.  So I realized immediately that someone had broken into my car," Golden continued.

Golden says losing the money is the least of her concerns.

"I searched the trash cans for my purse, hoping that I would find my purse.  You know, it's not just my purse and my wallet that was stolen, there's things that you have in there that can't be replaced: photographs, mementos, things that your children and grandchildren give you.  There's all kinds of stuff in your purse.  You don't even think about it," Golden says.

Police questioned several people in the area Tuesday, August 19, but so far, there have been no arrests.

Experts suggest dividing personal items that it would be especially bad to get stolen at the same time, for example, your driver's license and social security card. Also take some time to evaluate every item in your purse and really measure its day-to-day usefulness against how devastating it would be to lose it.

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