Kareem Lane Retrial Day 1: Calls in stabbing death played at trial

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COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The jury hears a frantic 911 call from a terrified wife moments after her husband is stabbed to death.

Stella Burns took the witness stand in the retrial of Kareem Lane. Lane is accused of murdering former Muscogee County School Superintendent Jim Burns back in 1992.

Stella Burns wept as she testified in the murder re-trial of Kareem Lane, and with her head held low she recalled that horrifying night.

She was in bed with her husband on October 19, 1992. She said they went to bed around 10:30 that night. They'd just returned from a trip to North Carolina with her in-laws shortly after 11.

She was awakened by what she describes as a very large movement on the bed. When she realized some was terribly wrong, she called 911. A recording from that call was played in court today.

Prosecutor George Lipscomb questioned Burns about what she remembered about that night.

She says her husband was yelling for the man to get out of the house using some choice words.

During cross examination, defense attorney Stacey Jackson also questioned Stella Burns about the size of the intruder. She stated he appeared to be smaller than her husband who stands 5 feet 11 and a half.

Jackson pointed out that Lane is taller than Jim Burns.

Prosecution also called a second witness to the stand today, who lived near the Burns' on Front Avenue.

A witness in the Kareem Lane retrial identified his truck at a traffic stop.  It's just one of several pieces of evidence analyzed by both sides in day one of testimony.

We heard a great deal of testimony today about the Ford Ranger that Kareem Lane was riding in when he pulled over by police shortly after Burns was stabbed to death inside his home.

Witness Carol Marco Oakley told the jury she called police about a suspicious vehicle on Front Avenue near the crime scene about the same time it was all going down.  She says it was parked the wrong way on a one way street and had been there for about an hour.

She then noticed a man with jogging clothes on and a mask running to the Ford Ranger. She called police again. Moments later they stopped a vehicle meeting that description. Police then took her to that location at Rigdon and Macon roads. She told police it's the same vehicle she saw on Front Avenue.

We will continue following this story and bring you more updates as they become available.

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