Columbus woman accused of having sex with a minor

COLUMBUS, GA (WXTX) - A 40-year-old Columbus woman is in jail after she is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with her daughter's ex-boyfriend.

Jennifer Middleton is charged with aggravated child molestation for allegedly having sex with the 15-year-old boy earlier this year.

The boy's sister brought the matter to her parents' attention earlier this month, and they filed a report with police as soon as they found out. Middleton turned herself in to police on Aug. 22.

Stacey Jackson is the defense attorney representing Middleton. He spoke to us after her court hearing on Aug. 25.

"In the preliminary hearing, when I asked the detective the basis of their warrant, they said at this time, it was just simply the statement made by the alleged victim, but there is not a lot of corroborating evidence, but they are still investigating," Jackson said.

Police say her contact with the boy stemmed from their attending the same church.  After the teen boy and her daughter broke up, police say he continued to hang out at her house and Middleton eventually took him on secret dates.

On one of those dates, she's accused of taking him to the movies and later to a fast food restaurant where she allegedly performed an explicit act on him in the drive-thru line. Police say the two communicated extensively through text messages and on Facebook. Investigators are currently looking through those records.

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