Congressman Mike Rogers visits Opelika

Congressman Mike Rogers visits Opelika

OPELIKA, AL (WTVM) - U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers was in Opelika on Tuesday, vesting with doctors, nurses and staff at the East Alabama Medical Center.

The town hall meeting discussion focused on the Affordable Health Care Act, which Rogers opposes.

Rogers also spoke about the need to increase defense spending and equip our military and tougher leadership in the global war on terrorism.

"I firmly believe what is happening now is a direct result of our inaction or the President's inaction referring to following through on his red line commitment in Syria and the same thing with Russians invasion of Ukraine, he said there would be consequences and there have been none," Rogers said. "It has embolden groups like Isis, embolden the leader in North Korea and done a lot of other things."

He says the United States has done a "good job" of following the terrorist cells both here and abroad, but there are unknown cells popping up all the time.

Rogers says he is concerned there may be another terrorist attack on the upcoming September 11th anniversary, and Americans need to be vigilant.

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