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Day 2: Kareem Lane Trial


On Day 2 of the re-trial of accused killer Kareem Lane, prosecutors focused heavily on the events that occurred after Muscogee County Superintendent Jim Burn was found stabbed to death at the threshold of his Broadway home on October 19, 1992.
Neighbors testified they saw a masked man running from the home, who then drove off in a gray pick-up truck. The truck was parked in the wrong direction a block away on Front Avenue, according to a witness. 

Lane was pulled over about 10 minutes away on the corner of Macon Road and Rigdon Road, driving a gray Ford Ranger truck. 

Columbus Police Department Agent Randy Kiel testified he took the witnesses to the traffic stop to identify the truck. 

"(One of the neighbor's) told me, it looked like the gray vehicle that was parked in front of his mother's house. He also identified the back of the vehicle which had some type of red on it," Agent Kiel said.

Detectives testified Lane told them he was heading home from work but they say something did not sit right about the Shaw High School student. 

"Sweat was pouring down his back," an investigator testified. 

Officers recalled they were huddling together to stay warm but Lane was sweating profusely although it was a chilly night in Columbus. 
Lane told police he lived on Billings Road and was heading home from working at Hardees on Victory Drive. Authorities say the route he was taking seemed odd. 
Upon searching Lane's truck they found several items including a flashlight, book bag, clothes, and a fake BB gun that looked and felt just like a real semi-automatic handgun, according to authorities. 

"He worked out on Victory Drive, and I think he was saying he had it for safety reasons. We continued looking through the vehicle and there was a knife found on the floorboard, blue in color," Detective Tryon Thomas testified. 

Authorities also report finding a knife case inside the truck, but not the knife that went with it.

Kiel added the neighbors pointed out a decal located on the back window of the truck. 

"Was there anything regarding the placement of the sticker," Prosecutor Jennifer Cooley asked.

"They said it was in the left lower of the rear window," Kiel answered.

Cooley showed the jury a blown up picture of the back of Lane's truck which had a sticker on the lower left side of the back window. 
Upon cross examination defense attorney Stacey Jackson took us back to the crime scene on Broadway, focusing on what some may consider one peculiar detail at the front door. 

"Out of the hundreds of burglary calls you've responded to (over the years), can you remember how many of those where there was a key left in the front door," Jackson asked. 

"None that I can recall, no," Kiel responded.

Lane was tried for the murder two years ago, but the case ended in a mistrial.
The trial will resume Wednesday morning. 

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