Columbus City Council approves “Spider Web” crossing

Columbus City Council approves “Spider Web” crossing

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Columbus city council approves funding for a transportation project that could ease traffic problems for drivers.

The so-called "spider web" on Buena Vista Road near a railroad crossing has been known to cause congestion.

Tonight, Columbus City council members approved funding to create a crossing that is planned to ease the flow of traffic.

One thing left for council to decide is whether the crossing will be a bridge over the spider web or a tunnel under it.

"I have a lot of people talking about the concern they have about the tunnel and the flooding. And I know that whoever put together this design took that into consideration," says Judy Thomas, District 9 Councilor.

Columbus mayor Teresa Tomlinson wasn't in tonight's meeting because she is out of town.

The council will discuss the spider web again during their next scheduled meeting on September 9.

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