Phenix City Council Meeting

Phenix City Council Meeting

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Money was the big topic of discussion at tonight's Phenix City council meeting.

Their new $35.5 million budget is more than a $1 million increase. They tell us the extra money comes from taxes, court fines, and parks and recreation fees.

Most employees can expect to see a pay increase over the next year and into 2016.

The city also prepares for a new museum and to make improvements to their roads; however, they say because of the hybrid cars, there is less money coming from local gas taxes.

"Cars are getting better gas mileage, you have hybrid, and electric cars but that negatively impacts our ability to pay for the maintenance. Berceuse most of the money that pays for paving and maintenance of the streets comes from gas taxes. And those taxes are going down and will continue to down in future," says Steve Smith, Phenix City finance director.

Phenix City is budgeting a half a million dollars for road improvements.

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