Former head coach's public address leaves more questions than answers

Former head coach’s address leaves more questions than answers

PHENIX CITY, AL (WTVM) - Coach Woodrow Lowe opens up about his removal as the Central High School football coach. It's one he says he still doesn't know the exact reason behind.

A Columbus attorney says this is possible because both Georgia and Alabama are "At-Will" states.

Attorney Joseph Wiley with Joseph Wiley Jr and Associates, explains "meaning that there is no fore-cause requirement in terms of termination and there is no review."

Coach Lowe signed a contract as Central High School's head football coach and P. E. teacher in January of 2010. The supplemental coaching contract was discontinued this past May, but he remained a tenured employee of the PCBOE. It's a process that the Alabama Association of School Boards says is not unprecedented.

Denise Berkhalter, Director of Public Relations say in a statement "It's important to note that coaching positions are considered supplemental and can be non renewed at the end of the year. What happens in such situations is the school administration does have a legally valid reason, but it is not advisable to give the employee this reason because it could trigger certain due process rights. There is nothing unprecedented about that practice."

What is unprecedented, according to Wiley, is the way Lowe's replacement was hired just days after Lowe's non renewal.

He adds, "Certainly they violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. And certainly for a school board member to go out and get a person, bring him in and then vote on that person is a violation of the Conflict of Ethics."

We did reach out to the Phenix City Board of Education about these allegations. They declined to comment on what they're calling a personnel matter. At this time, Coach Woodrow Lowe is motioning to be re-instated as Central's head football coach. Coach Lowe has hired Fred Gray Junior out of Tuskeegee for legal representation.

We will continue following this developing story.

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