Teens threatening with guns resurface in Columbus viral video

Teens threatening with guns resurface in Columbus viral video

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - A threatening viral video about a Columbus neighborhood resurfaces, raising concerns for those living near the highlighted location.

News Leader 9's Tyrone McCoy took the video to police and neighbors for response.

The video, titled East Columbus or E-Dub, shows a group of young men flashing guns and threatening to shoot someone. It's an older video police say they've looked into. News Leader Nine spoke exclusively with the mother of one of the guys shown who was completely surprised by what she heard.

Mother, Terri Battee, exclaims "Oh my God. Wow."

That's all she could muster after seeing who she identifies as her son and his friends in this video brandishing what looked like machine guns and at least one pistol along East Wynnton Road, published in 2010. It's something Battee says she isn't proud to claim.

"I'm sorry to the public and whosever seen it," Battee explained. "I apologize on behalf of my child, but I don't know anything about it."

Battee confirms her son is one of the main ones talking, but what the boys are talking about, she says, she knew nothing of then or now.

And while the video was literally shot years ago in Battee's back yard, she says that these videos help to give good neighborhoods like hers a bad reputation. When taken to police, Major Gil Slouchick with the Columbus Police Department says threats like the ones made in the videos are never taken lightly.

"Well anytime there's a threat of violence in our community we take it seriously and we look into it. These videos, as you know you went out there and looked, there's lots of them out there. Some of the violent and some of them talk about drugs and show you how to make drugs," Major Slouchick adds.

Major Slouchick tells me there is no indication that the boys pictured are a part of any gang or if this video was gang related.

Still, Battee says that the video was cause for alarm as much in 2010 as it is now in 2014.

She says, "especially with guns. There's too many people getting killed around here because of craziness."

Battee assures she will have a talk with her son about the video that she saw for the first time today, but says her son -- now 19 -- is working full time and in school. Major Slouchick says while the video was investigated a year or so ago, no arrests were made as a result

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