AU smartphone app helps plan the perfect tailgating party

AU smartphone app helps plan the perfect tailgate party

Auburn resident Lester Stoll hasn't missed an Auburn University home football game tailgate in 19 years, and was at the fields off Donahue Ave. Thursday, Aug. 28, at 5:30 a.m. to claim his usual corner spot.

"We invite all the opposing fans to have a drink with us, that way we get acquainted," Stoll explains.

Stoll and his crew have come prepared with the best equipment to cook for over 70 people for game day on Saturday.

"We'll have pulled pork sandwiches, three of four racks of ribs, chicken, brats. It's a mess of food," says Auburn fan Dr. Larry Molt.

Even though we found some of the most professional tailgaters on the plains, when word got out of Auburn University's new electronic guide to tailgating, they said there is always room for improvement.

"The goal of Tailgate Times is to inform people, have fun, but knowing how to be safe," says AU Assistant e-learning Director Celena Spurgeon.

Developed by the AU Food Systems Institute, Tailgate Times, is a fun and interactive way to be caught up on the latest food safety tips, while learning where your food actually comes from.

A new edition will be available every home game, and its contents will be tailored to that week's opponent.

"Tailgating for college football season is prime time for food contamination, and so we wanted people to know how to be safe with their food, but we also wanted to put fun stuff in there, be creative that people wanted to know about," explains Spurgeon.

The app is available now for free, and each edition cost .99 cents. It also includes recipes, alcohol and weather safety tips, playlists and games to keep children occupied.

"The fact the campus is doing things toward that end is probably a good thing, and we're going to shape up," explains Molt.

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