Coping with the flooding aftermath of CSU's new golf course

Coping with the flooding aftermath of CSU's new golf course

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - The severe flooding that some residents in Columbus saw last night continues to be a big problem.

Homes are drenched and yards are ruined. Residents on Rockdale Drive are still struggling with mudslides from Columbus State University's golf course that's being built right in their back yards.

News Leader 9 covered the flooding and the struggles some residents had to deal with last night.

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Brianna Dorris said her home was the only residence that flooded from Wednesday night's storm. Dorris said her home was filled with mud, dirt and water from mudslide from CSU's golf course. The only thing separating Dorris's home from the golf course is a small fence.

"Some clay and dirt from the golf course that's being built slid into my backyard," Dorris said. "We had a beautiful yard here. But my backyard is ruined. The inside of my house is covered in mud too. When I went to bed last night, there were puddles of mud in my room that I had to ignore to get some sleep."

Alexander Contracting Company workers were out early Thursday morning to clean up the mess and damages created by CSU's golf course located on University Avenue. The workers cleaned  Dorris's house and her neighbors' yards as well.

Dorris said many neighbors were against the idea of a golf course being built behind their backyard earlier this year for many reasons.

"The trees were cut down. All the pests and rodents started coming into people's homes," Dorris said. "I had the worst pest control here at the house since the trees were cut down. Also, there are piles of clay and mud, but because there are no trees or grass right now, it can't hold water. Dirt is just going to slide. And what happens if a golf ball comes flying and hits our window or something? I'm worried."

Mark Immelman, CSU's head men's golf coach gave News Leader 9 a statement. He wrote,

"We are doing everything possible to ensure that the facility is beautiful, environmentally friendly and a venue that adds to the value of the neighborhood."

The assistant golf coach also told News Leader 9 since the new CSU golf facility is under construction, it does not impact the team for now. Players practice at Bull Creek and Country Club of Columbus. Assistant coach also said the school hopes to have the new golf course finished by Spring 2015.

For now, Dorris said she is just glad she doesn't have to pay for the damages created from the storm and mudslides from the golf course.

Columbus State University reached out to the residents whose homes were affected or damaged by the mudslide. CSU officials said Alexander Contracting Company is also making sure to fix the golf course, as well as help clean the homes struggling from damages made by the mudslide.

"We need to have a barrier to separate their construction site from our backyard," Dorris said. "Hopefully, this won't have to happen again."

A Columbus State University spokesperson told News Leader 9 they are working to provide a barrier to prevent disasters like this from happening again. Grass, trees and other addition will be put together on the golf course in the near future as well.

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