Should schools have a dress code for parents?

Should schools have a dress code for parents?

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - Sagging pants and pajamas in school buildings are sights one Broward County School Board member says have no place in an educational setting.

They suggest implementing a formal dress code for parents visiting schools, and folks in Columbus are unanimous in their feelings about it.

"I think you should have respect and dress well other than someone seeing you in pajamas or a tank top," says Grasious Keith, a Columbus resident.

"A parent dress code, to me, is a relatively good idea," adds father Wendell Lundy.

So good, they say a similar policy should be adopted by the Muscogee County School District. Lundy says bed clothes and exposed underclothes are not appropriate in any public setting.

However, the proposal also raise questions.

"You know, you might have several parents inappropriately dressed," Lundy said. "Who's going to implement that? Who's going to determine what's appropriate and what's not appropriate"

Another question Lundy poses is what counts as an official visit.

He quizzes "Is it just a situation where a parent is dropping a child off, they're not getting out of the car, they're just letting them off at the school door? Or is it a situation where the parent is actually walking the child up to the school and perhaps even to class in, like you said, silk pajammies."

Dress code or not, these residents say it all comes down to pride in ones appearance when heading to your child's school.

Keith says "you should dress appropriately and have, you know, not only a sense of style, but just pride in what you wear and how you appear to other people."

We did reach out to the Muscogee County School District about the possibility of a parent dress code. We're told there is no such policy in place for parents visiting schools throughout the district.

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