Columbus police seek three suspects in weekend home invasion

Columbus police seek three suspects in weekend home invasion

COLUMBUS, GA (WTVM) - People who live in the neighborhood off Colonel Dick McKee Drive watch each other's back when it comes to crime.

However, word of a weekend home invasion has them on edge.

Columbus Police say three men entered a house around 4:15 Sunday morning, September 7.

Two of the men physically assaulted the 36-year-old victim, while the third raided the home trying to steal valuables.

According to family members, the victim was held down on the ground with a gun to his head, while the suspects threatened his life.

Thankfully, the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and was treated at the hospital for a small cut on the back of his head.

"We all talk to each other and we communicate. If we see something that is not right, we don't hesitate to go ahead and call 911," explains neighbor, Bobby Long.

Long has lived in the community since it was built in 2006.

His bedroom backs up to the victim's home, but he did not hear the commotion Sunday.

"Anything at nighttime, kicking or knocking, I can't help but hear, but I hadn't heard of anything and that is kind of strange," says Long.

Neighbors who spoke with us off camera said they were awake early Sunday morning and saw an unfamiliar car circle the neighborhood, but didn't think to report it.

The victim was not able to get a full description of his attackers, but if you have any information contact the Columbus Police Department.

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